CB Radios

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Marine CB RadiosCobra 29Ltdbt
List Price 199.99
Sale: 179.95
Uniden Pro-510Xl Cb Radio
List Price 94.98
Sale: 59.94
Uniden Pro-520Xl Cb Radio
List Price 99.99
Sale: 79.89
Standard Horizon HX290 Floating Handheld VHF Radio
List Price 216.64
Sale: 129.99
Standard Horizon GPS Antenna f/CP190I/390I CPF190I/390I
List Price 195.44
Sale: 144.95
Standard Horizon Black Intercom Speaker w/PTA Button
List Price 85.94
Sale: 64.99
Standard Horizon White VHF Extension Speaker
List Price 78.93
Sale: 54.99
Standard Horizon HX370S Handheld VHF Radio
List Price 249.88
Sale: 149.99
Standard Horizon VH-310 Second Station Remote Telephone Handset
List Price 150.00
Sale: 139.99
Standard Horizon RAM3 2nd Station Mic - White  CMP30W
List Price 158.93
Sale: 109.99
Standard Horizon HX280 5W Handheld VHF Radio  HX280S
List Price 208.93
Sale: 119.99
Standard VC-27 Earpiece/Mic f/HX270/370/471/500/600
List Price 67.44
Sale: 48.95
Standard Horizon CT-100 23' Extension Cable f/Ram Mic
List Price 66.90
Sale: 46.90
Standard Horizon SIA53 Nylon Speed/Temp Sensor
List Price 159.99
Sale: 134.95
Standard Horizon 2 Bronze Thru Hull Depth/Temp Transducer
List Price 262.93
Sale: 204.95
Standard Horizon 220SW 4.5 Round Hailer/PA Horn - White
List Price 68.94
Sale: 54.95
Standard Horizon Charging Cradle CD-25
List Price 59.99
Sale: 39.99
Standard Horizon VLH-3000 Loud Hailer
List Price 449.98
Sale: 269.99
Standard Horizon Mini Speaker Mic
List Price 59.99
Sale: 39.99
Standard Horizon DST526 Bronze Triducer w/Fairing Block
List Price 329.99
Sale: 314.99
Standard Horizon RAM3 2nd Station Mic - Black  CMP30B
List Price 158.93
Sale: 109.99
Standard Horizon Submersible Speaker Mic f/750
List Price 97.94
Sale: 64.99
Standard Horizon HX370SAS Intrinsically Safe Handheld VHF
List Price 616.25
Sale: 284.95

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